Saturday, August 23, 2008

MRE Brownies - yep - there's such a thing!

You're probably thinking that I'm kidding about this. Nope - there really are MRE Brownies available at The Ready Store AND at a ReadyParty!

I can hear you now...eeeewwwwww!

WRONG! These actually taste great!

All MRE's last for 5 years, and are perfect to put in a 72-hour kit to supplement your food and they are great for a little psychological relief if you actually had to survive for three days with just your emergency kit!

At a cost of .99 each at a ReadyParty ($1.96 if purchased online at regular price) you can't go wrong ordering a dozen or more of them "just in case!" (They are cheaper the more you buy.)

These brownies are moist and very chocolaty - Ric and Ryan both give it thumbs up! In fact, when if someone even mentions them, Ryan goes on and on about the "special brownies" - wanting another one.

So the bottom line is...we love them! We're definitely putting them in our 72-hour kits (if they last that long!)

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