Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family Preparedness Song

I found this on the Preparedness Brings Peace Blog - so cute! (It's a FABULOUS blog with TONS of food storage recipes - check it out!)

Tune: Did You Think to Pray? Hymn #140

Ere you spent your family's paycheck,
Did you think to save?
Just a little for the storage,
Just a little for the porridge
When the Times are grave,
Oh, how storage helps the faithful
When the Prophet's words we heed,
So, if you would not be Fearful,
Plan what you will need.

When your neighbor tried to teach you
How to can and sew,
Did you feel in-ti-mi-da-ted
And your plans pro-cras-tin-a-ted?
Now you're feeling low!
Oh, how empty are the cupboards,
Oh, how ragged are your clothes.
How you'll wish that you had listened
When the "good life" goes.

Wheat and beans and salt and honey
May not sound so hot.
But if you are going hungry,
If your tummy's cold and grumbly,
They can hit the spot.
Store some diapers for the kiddies,
Everything to see you through;
Cloth and patterns, thread and needles.
Store some long Johns, too.

If this topic's repetitious
And you're dull and bored,
When you've naught but empty dishes
And you've used up all your wishes,
You'll wish you had stored...
Food that's tasty and nutritious,
Cloths and bedding, tools and seeds,
Skills that guard your family's future
Gather what you'll need.


Makayla said...

I totally blog stocked you... I saw your family had a site from the Reddings site. I hope that doesn't freak you out and cause you to avoid me at church. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your song is so clever! You are so creative. I love it. Dan is totally into food storage and has gotten me into it as well. I think its really cool that you blog about it.

The Huffies said...


I found a great deal that I wanted to share with you and your readership.

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Brenda said...

Love that song - how true is it.

baludec4 said...

Good song. Beautiful lyrics. Thanks for share.

Freeze Dried Survival Food said...

The song is beautiful. Should be included in the morning prayer in every school.

Anonymous said...

BEWARE!!! One of your 'Get Ready Blogs' listed has become a pornography site. I think it was the Fun with Food Storage, but I'm not going to click on them again to make sure.

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