Monday, July 28, 2008

Emergency? What Emergency?

Just what do I mean when I say "get ready for any emergency?"

Well, it can be just about anything from getting laid off from your job to a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake! If you're getting ready for one thing, you're getting ready for all of it!

I've been asked - "Why should I prepare anyway? Doesn't that mean that I'm expecting something to happen?" Absolutely not! Why shouldn't you prepare?

Has any of the following happened to you or anyone you know?

  • You or your spouse loses their job. Now what do you do? (unemployment only lasts so long!)
  • Your car breaks down and it's not going to be cheap to fix it!
  • Severe storms knock out power for days! (Everything in the fridge spoils! Yuck!)
  • Any kind of natural disaster hits your area. What if you have to evacuate? Will you have what you need to keep your family safe for a few days?
  • Something happens in your neighborhood and you're told to evacuate immediately. Do you have what you need in your car to help you survive for a couple of days?
  • We hear it in the news - a flu pandemic. An extreme scenario might be a quarantine no one comes or goes from their homes - yes it's extreme, but it could happen! What would you do? Would you have enough food to feed your family if something like this happened?
The most important reason? YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY!

That's why I say "Get Ready!"


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