Monday, July 28, 2008

Lumin Flashlight

When I opened the package for the Lumin Flashlight, my first thought was - "what the?"

It's kind of funny looking, don't you think?

Well, this flashlight is the COOLEST thing! First, you have to plug it in, and keep it plugged in to get the full benefits. When it's plugged in it functions as a night light. (The light is below the charging unit.)

Second, after it's fully charged, whenever you take the flashlight off the base, it's automatically on! I love that! It has 7 LED lights - so it's pretty bright when you need it!

Third, and this is the best part, if the power goes out, it automatically turns on! Woo Hoo! How do I know? Well the instructions say so, BUT, last Wednesday night, we tested it! Not that we wanted the power to go out, but it did around 11:00. We were in bed, but since it was the first time the power had gone out since we plugged it in, I made Ric get up and check the flashlight! True to it's claim, it was ON!

There's only one thing I wish was different, and that's the charging base - even though it's only plugged into one outlet, it takes up almost the space of two. If places to plug things in are scarce around your house, it may be an inconvenience.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend the Lumin Flashlight. In fact, we're going to buy some more! They would be perfect for bedrooms, and I want one in the garage too!

Retail Price: 32.95
Online Price: 24.95
ReadyParty Price: 21.95 (*No shipping either! Check out how to get this price!)


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