Thursday, January 1, 2009

FABULOUS Preparedness Resources/Blogs

I'll be adding these links to my side bar, but here's a little more info about each one:

All About Food Storage ( - Home storage and preparedness tips from a mom who was looking for a place that had comprehensive info, rather than just bits and pieces of preparedness information. She started her own site and she posts a lot of great things to think about.

Every Day Food Storage ( - This FABULOUS site contains all sorts of recipes tutorials and ideas for using your food storage! Are you worried that you'll be in an emergency situation and not know how to use the food you've stored? This is the place to go!

Everything Under the Sun ( - If you are looking for some information about how to set up a food storage system that works for your family, THIS IS THE PLACE!

Home Storage Skills ( - WOW, you'll find great tutorials to beef up your food storage skills at this site. Ever wondered how to can butter? You can find it here!

iPrepared ( - If you need motivation or even some ideas to get started, you'll find this and MUCH more here. Great site!

Let Us Prepare ( - OK, I have to plug this one because my sister is the one who writes it!

Safely Gathered In ( - I just ran across this site - it's great because the author gives almost daily ideas for small things you can do every day to become better prepared. Don't miss this one!

The Pantry Panel ( - A group of gals who collaborate with great info once again!

I'm sure that there will be TONS more that I'll run across. I'm definitely not an expert, but I can pass info on that I find - or at least send you to places that I think are important!


Anonymous said...

There's a place that has a HUGE variety of storeable foods. At

Might be worth adding to your list.

Best regards,

Donald Kuntz

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