Sunday, January 11, 2009

Food Bars?

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Food Bars?

When I first heard about food bars, I thought they were just the “Powerbar” type things you can buy at any local retailer. I had no idea what a beneficial product they could be to me in an emergency. My parents bought my family and me an emergency box for Christmas. It was filled (and I mean completely packed) with emergency supplies. Water packs for drinking, flashlights, a crank-powered radio, matches, a mini stove, and a supply of food bars. I was curious because the food bars were the only edible item in the kit. “How in the world could we survive on Powerbars,” I thought? I knew they were nutritious, but I didn’t think they could sustain us completely. So, I did some research on food bars, and this is what I found.

Food bars have a shelf life of 5 years. That was wonderful! No more digging the stale, broken peanut butter crackers out of the 72 hour kits every couple months. There is absolutely no preparation needed to eat the food bars. Just peel of the wrapper and eat. There are a few different brands of food bars, and each one has a bit of a different flavor to it. I’ve heard of ones that taste like lime creamsicle bars or apple-cinnamon cookies, but my favorites are the shortbread flavor. My grandma always had Lorna Doone cookies in her cookie jar, and that’s what they remind me of.

Also, food bars are made to withstand extreme temperatures. So, whether you live in the middle of the Arizona desert, or in the Alaskan tundra, they will stay fresh and completely nutritious. Another really great benefit of food bars is that they are made with very low sodium, so you don’t get thirsty while you’re eating them. (Unlike those terrible old peanut butter crackers!) That will help you reserve your water rations in an emergency.

The nutritional value of a food bar is astounding. You can purchase them in either 3600 or 2400 calorie packages. The 3600 calorie bar has 54 grams of protein, 378 carbs and 180 grams of fat. The 2400 bar has 36 grams of protein, 252 carbs and 120 grams of fat. They are made out of all natural ingredients with no preservatives. They are kept fresh by being vacuum sealed. The main ingredients are wheat flour, vegetable shortening, cane sugar, water, coconut and salt.

Not only will food bars be nutritious for you and your family in an emergency, but they will also taste great! They are very light-weight and small, which makes for easy transportation when you need to be on the move. I am very grateful to my parents for thinking of our emergency survival. Food bars will be something we buy more of in the future. Whether you store them in your 72 hour kit, in your car, or in your office, they will bring peace of mind if an emergency should strike.


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