Saturday, January 10, 2009

Recession and Stimulus Checks

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Recession and Stimulus Checks

The news seems to be full of doom and gloom when it comes to financial matters. Headlines scream about possible recession, the mortgage crisis, and whether or not attempts by the government to avoid a recession will work. I am not a financial guru, so I am not sure about how stimulus checks will impact the economy.

But I do know how the stimulus checks will affect me personally. My husband and I sat down several months ago as the new year approached and laid out a financial plan for our family that included paying off credit cards, paying off our car loan, building up an emergency fund, and beefing up our food storage. While we have been very fortunate to keep this plan in place in spite of the bad news about the economy, we have also realized that money in the bank does not equal food in our fridge.

I have seen news reports about the skyrocketing price of wheat and rice as well as the never ending climb of gas prices. We have seen less money in our pockets as a result. But we have also realized what is truly important. We don’t need to see another movie, but I do feel that having a year’s supply of food is essential.

As an insider to the food storage and emergency preparedness industry, I have also come to see that just because we want something doesn’t mean it is available. While The Ready Store usually ships orders in 2-3 days, we are seeing that due to increased demand as well as conditions on a global level, we are seeing up to a 2 week delay on shipping of some of our freeze-dried items. This is a lesson that things may not always be available when we want and need them. That is why it is essential to prepared ahead and be ready before an emergency strikes.

So, my advice is get your priorities in order. If you have $600 from the government burning a hole in your pocket, use it to prepare yourself and your loved ones. We live in turbulent times and I truly believe that we need to make preparations now to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.


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