Thursday, January 1, 2009

Make it a Reality!

This article was originally posted on The ReadyStore's blog - it's an important one today as we all set goals for the coming year.


Make it a Reality!

Many of us work on our emergency preparedness and food storage a little at a time. A first aid kit here, some freeze-dried fruit there. But often we fail to properly inventory and track what we have and we often fail to think about how much food we really need and set a goal with a due date. So, I guess my challenge to everyone is to first, truly assess what you have and what you still need. Do you have a dozen flashlights, but are missing essential sanitation supplies like a portable potty lid with chemicals and bags? Do you have a 72 hour kit, but need to put one in your car? Do you have MREs for your 72-hour kit, but are lacking in longer term food storage? So now that you know what you have, you can better determine what you need.

My second challenge is to set a goal. If you are just now starting, set a date to have your 72-hour kits completed. Then when you have that done, turn your attention to having a 2 week supply of water. Finished with that? Look at the needs of your family. Do you need to stock up on freeze-dried fruit or do you have a bunch of dinner choices, but no breakfast options stored? Set a goal and stick to it. We often think that food storage is a good idea, but how often do we make it a priority and say, “I will have a year supply of food by June 30th?” We have to make it a goal, make it a priority, and then take steps to make it a reality.

We don’t know when a disaster like a flood or earthquake will hit or when a personal disaster such as a disability or job loss can strike, but we can take steps to prepare ourselves and our loved ones so that we can be ready for whatever may come our way.


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