Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SIRQ - Self-Imposed Reverse Quarantine (Part 2)

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SIRQ - Self-Imposed Reverse Quarantine (Part 2)

Yesterday we talked about how a pandemic flu would necessitate a self-imposed reverse quarantine, or SIRQ. So, how do you prepare for something like this? You can take simple steps to make your family better prepared. Talk to your employer about what steps the company has in place if a pandemic flu occurred. Are you able to work from home and telecommute? Talk to your city about their plan for maintaining services like garbage pick-up, water, and sewer during a pandemic. By finding out the answers to questions now, you will be better prepared and may help your city develop a plan to deal with the repercussions of a pandemic.

Think about the basics your family needs to survive: clean, drinking water, shelter, sanitation supplies, and food. Plan to have at least a 3 month supply of each of these things. Do you have a water filter to purify water? Do you have feminine hygiene products? Do you have diapers and wipes for your infant? Do you have at least a 90 day supply of food? If you have what you need in your home, you will not need to go outside and expose yourself to infection. You can also keep masks like the N95 and N100 on hand so that if you must venture out, you have the appropriate protection.

Essential items to help prevent the spread of disease like soap, rubber gloves, facial tissues, bleach, and disinfectants also should be a large part of your pandemic preparedness.

What if you have children and schools were closed for 6 months? Consider keeping age-appropriate workbooks around. If you don’t use them, they can become a summer study program. Have a variety of books on your bookshelf at home covering topics from science to social studies to history to fiction.

Part of surviving any kind of disaster is having the right mindset. If you have the peace of mind that comes from being prepared and knowing that you have done everything within your power to protect yourself and your loved ones, you are more likely to have a positive attitude even in the face of extreme adversity.


Jonathan Dickson said...

Do any of you know who actually came up with SIRQ?
I do.

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